21.02.10 Today I made

Today I spent the bulk of the day trying to represent two ideas.

First up:

I’m helping some friends communicate better online. Yesterday we discussed how what differentiates them is that they have a really holistic approach to their practice.

Essentially, what they do fits into 3 categories, which when combined gives heir patients the best possible chance for recovery.

Today I tried to find ways to show how the 3 ideas combine to create the optimal solution.

I want it to be a single image/slideshow for the front of the webpage which explains the idea of 3 into one. I don’t want to do a simple Venn diagram because I don’t think that would grab attention enough, and the overlapping space in the middle feels a little small to be able to make a big deal out of it. And the combination bit In the middle is the most important.

So I started with a few sketches and texts in my notebook:

Really trying to figure out how to express the ideas differently.

I thought of the 3 columns combining to make a simple image, like these options:

It’s cool but it leaves a lot of dead space on the page. And I’m not sure if it gives a clear enough understanding of the three ideas combining. It also feels a little static.

So I thought about trying oblong/obtuse shapes to make up an image:

You can see how the thinking evolved from a single image to the three blobs containing different pictures and the same text on them. But I don’t think these are super grand either. It’s trying to speak of an abstracted puzzle, but I’m not sure if the combination is clear enough.

This isn’t the answer, so tomorrow I will try again.


I worked on some branding for another project. A kind of funky, out there, counter culture clothing/sports clothes operation.

The thinking is about creating community, and creating a sense of urgency / energy.

The brand wants to use part of its sales to give back to others, so there is the idea of exchange involved as well.

The word gesture relates to action, energy and often generosity or giving. It’s short enough to go anywhere and it specific enough to be tied to a single product.

The logo ideas are trying to reference 90’s surf brands.

The zig zags Are for energy passing between the 2 hands. And zigzags are a cool motif to use on their own later.

I think is a cool idea but I’m not sure if you can translate it into miniature for web stuff. Though I would wear it on a shirt, vertically.

Semi inspired also by some of the run clubs out in LA



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